7 Days to Die | Day 7

Hunting my first bear

Hunting my first Bear 7 days to dieClick Pictures to watch on YouTube.

I am a little cautious of day 7 of my survivor series of 7 Days to Die.  Not sure what to expect so I decide to stay close to the house.  Which turns out to be a good thing because I find the bear and take him out.

7 days to die bear

After that I explore the opening of a cave system.  I don’t have enough arrows so I turn back.  Along the way out I notice my footsteps sound different.  The rock is colored different so I hammer it and find a Iron Deposit.  This is a good thing because I need Iron for crafting.

Nothing happend in the way of zombies, so I assume that the 7 day event will happen on Night 7 after 10pm.

In 7 Days To Die, the player spawns into a randomly generated world or the preset world of Navezgane, Arizona, with the objective of surviving for as long as possible. As the days go by, the zombies get tougher and more aggressive. The game features the ability to craft, destroy, and manipulate objects. The game also comes with a physics system in which building a structure with no support such as pillars and walls can lead to its collapse. The game is voxel-based, allowing for simple building, and destruction of objects in a physics-simulated environment.

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