7 ‘N. Sane’ Holiday Gift Ideas For Crash Bandicoot Fans

Credit: Mitch Wallace

Crash is excited. Are you?

The holidays are here, and for the first time in a long time, there’s a whole slew of new and interesting Crash Bandicoot products to spin out about (that’s a thing, right?). What follows is a curated list of products that I think would be perfect gift fodder for the special orange marsupial fan in your life, especially for those of us who missed out on those awesome ReSaurus action figures back in the day (I still kick myself when I look at Ebay prices). So on that note: Oodibigah!

1. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy – $39.99

To be honest, if the gamer you’re shopping for is a huge Crash Bandicoot fan, they probably already have a copy of the N. Sane Trilogy. But in the rare event they don’t, this is the perfect place to start. Released back in June of this year, Activision’s modern throwback is a compilation of the original three PS1 classics. Each game is lovingly overhauled and remastered for PS4 and PS4 Pro, complete with shiny new graphics and integrated Trophies to earn. They’re basically the same games we all loved back in the ‘90s, only much, much prettier. Just be prepared for some truly ‘N. Sane’ difficulty, as these retro remakes will make you seriously question your platforming skills.

Aku Aku pro tip: You can buy the N. Sane Trilogy at most places where games are sold, but Walmart offers an exclusive version that comes with an included (and no-charge) download of the Stormy Ascent DLC. This hard-as-nails extra level usually retails for $2.99 on the PlayStation store, so even though it’s not an amazing deal, you might as well get the content for free.

Credit: Mitch Wallace/Activision

Crash Bandicoot is back…fur realz.

2. Funko Figures – $10.99 each

Really, at this point, is there any property that hasn’t been immortalized by the ubiquitous Pop! Vinyl collectible line? Crash Bandicoot’s zany universe joins the button-eyed fray on December 1 with an admittedly modest line-up of popular characters. First there’s Crash himself, who comes in the expected orange theming as well as a black-and-white, 1-in-6 chase variant. Then there’s bumbling villain Neo Cortex, who sadly doesn’t appear to have any exciting variations beyond his typical yellow aesthetic. It’s a slight bummer that there aren’t more personalities to choose from, like say Ripper Roo, Tiny or even Coco, but it’s still exciting to be getting new Crash Bandicoot figures. Great for display in a dedicated gaming space.

Aku Aku pro tip: The Crash variants don’t end at black-and-white: Best Buy has an exclusive glow-in-the-dark version. Toys R Us has Jet Pack Crash while GameStop has a flocked (i.e. fuzzy) Crash. Rounding out the exclusives is Biker Crash at Hot Topic. Choices, choices.

Credit: Funko/GameStop

Here’s the GameStop-exclusive flocked Crash.

3. T-Shirts – $17.99 to $19.99 each

As an OG bandicoot fan, I’m always looking for (healthy) ways to declare my marsupial love to the world. What better way to shout one’s affinity for Wumpa fruit than to don some stylish, wearable apparel? The good news is that there are tons of awesome t-shirts to buy for the serious Crash fan in your family, everything from an ‘Oodibigah!’ mask print to numbers that sports the orange hero in his signature screaming-for-no-good-reason pose. Where can you buy them? Pretty much everywhere, including places like Walmart, Amazon, Hot Topic and Think Geek.

Aku Aku pro tip: Even though they don’t seem to be official, these Crash Team Racing and original Crash Bandicoot shirts are perfect for someone who is more into the retro scene.

Credit: Changes/Walmart

Wumpa fruit not included.

4. Socks Bundle – $49.99 (with game)

Perhaps the coziest and outright strangest of all the merchandise on this list, these limited foot sweaters can’t be purchased anywhere but GameStop. They actually come packaged with the game itself inside an exclusive bundle that released several weeks ago, just in time for Black Friday. They’re nice and long, deep blue in color and emblazoned with Crash’s grinning mug. It’s unfortunate that they’re not available outside the bundle (at least as far as I know), so if someone on your shopping list already has the game, they’ll just have to sell it off and keep the socks.

Aku Aku pro tip: These paired toe warmers are officially licensed, so don’t fall for any of those shady, black market marsupial socks. Nothing worse than finding fake Crash merch under the Christmas tree. I mean, it could ruin somebody’s holiday. For real. Be smart out there.

Credit: Activision/GameStop

Yes, the game comes with socks. It’s weird. I know.

5. PVC Painted Statue – $69.99

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this 9-inch posed collectible could possibly be the crowning jewel for most Crash Bandicoot fans. Created and manufactured by the fine folks over at First 4 Figures, it’s a true testament to precision, care and detail. The colors are spot-on, the expression on Crash’s face is suitably crazy and the solid base, combined with the figure’s noticeable weight, has the whole ordeal smacking of quality. Plus, the box doubles as a backdrop diorama so you can proudly display your possession in your game room (or on the kitchen table until it causes some uncomfortable relationship tension). You should be able to find this amazing statue at GameStop, Amazon and Best Buy.

Aku Aku pro tip: Speaking of the magical jungle mask, First 4 Figures actually has an incredible-looking Aku Aku statue coming out in the third quarter of 2018. While pricey, it should make for a great companion piece to the original.

Credit: First 4 Figures

This is one solid statue.

6. Mugs – $19.99 each

Potentially my favorite items on this list, these crate mugs by Numskull prove that bringing fake explosives toward your face in order to sip coffee is not only advisable, but also fun. Choose from three variants—Nitro, TNT and extra life—or grab all three to reenact various game scenarios, only with cups of liquid rather than messy explosions. I can only hope they don’t start counting down once you take a swig of your morning brew. As of today, you can grab these mugs on Amazon.

Aku Aku pro tip: Numskull also makes a matching set of scented crate candles that could serve as the perfect tandem gift. Nothing beats drinking out of a Nitro crate mug while relaxing near a totally lit Nitro crate candle. All while wearing Numskull’s official ‘All I Wumpa Christmas Is You’ sweater. What a time to be alive.

Credit: Numskull

How cool are these?

7. Pin Set

This crate full of metallic collectibles, also by Numskull, should appeal to anyone who’s familiar with Disney’s expansive pin-dom community. These appealing trinkets, which come packaged inside a neat little crate facsimile, represent everything from the Crash Bandicoot logo and Neo Cortex to Crash himself and even a Wumpa fruit. Perfect for placing all over your backpack so all the kids at school know that you mean business when it comes to platforming. Serious business.

Aku Aku pro tip: You can supposedly buy these pins directly from Amazon, though they don’t seem to be in stock at the moment. Hopefully they’ll come back at some point in the coming weeks.

Credit: Numskull

I’m not much of a pin guy, but these are pretty impressive.

Disclaimer: Activision provided free review product that helped make this article possible.

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