Hello, My name is Trever and I love being a gamer.

I am married to a wonderful woman.   She is amazing on so many levels, Smart, Funny and Beautiful.  We are coming up on our 21th year of marriage.   We have two amazing Daughters.


I can say that I am a classically trained OG (Original Gamer).  I started playing video games back on the Atari, which I still own.  My Mom bought the system for the family but I was the only one who could play it.  My Mom and step dad couldn’t get very far.   Then one christmas I asked for a GameBoy and we received the Nintendo, which I still have also.  (It’s not the first edition model that’s worth millions of dollars.)  I remember playing Double Dragon and Robo Cop.  At some point, I bought the GameBoy, with Metroid and Zelda, which I still have.


I did a bit of PC gaming but the upkeep was to expensive.  Then I purchased the Playstation, X-Box, PlayStation 2 and eventually sold them for gas money, then moved away from gaming.   After a few years of wanting to play again I bought the Wii and DS, and then the PlayStation 3, which I still have.


Now I have the PlayStation 4 and a YouTube Channel.

I played a lot of games and only a few standout…..

Metroid and Zelda will always have a place in my top favorite list, but I am not a huge fan of where Nintendo has gone.  Tomb Raider,  Racing, FPS and puzzle games to mention a few.

Once I found Skyrim I fell in love with Open World games although I am finding that they are all the same.  Don’t get me wrong I still like them but only if the story is worth it.

I took a chance and played Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and was blown away.  Indie games have so much potential to become AAA games.  I am on the lookout for other Indie games from smaller developers.

I am excited about where Video Games are headed and look forward to playing as many as I can.

Thanks for reading,….. Until next time.