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Conan Exiles Burn Times Fuel Campfire

What are the Burn Times for the 7 types of fuel in Conan Exiles?

Can you guess which two fuel sources have the same burn times?  I am almost positive you will not guess plant fiber, we all know it sucks for fuel.  In the video below I will break the burn times down with and without thralls.

You can watch the video here or on YouTube by clicking here.

Some are easier to obtain than others.  One of the Fuel types can only be made after you reach level 29 and the oddest fuel source can only be found by chopping down some trees with a pickax (pickaxe).

bark Conan Exiles
branch Conan Exiles
Coal Conan Exiles
drywood conan exiles
oil conan exiles
plant fiber conan exiles
wood conan exiles

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