Dark Souls Gets A Cuphead Makeover In Fan Animation

Cuphead is a gorgeous, tough-as-nails platformer that demands proper timing, patience, and perseverance in order to get through its difficult bosses. You could say it’s the Dark Souls of platforms (but you really shouldn’t).

Well, now Dark Souls is the Dark Souls of Cuphead, or something. Youtube channel 64 Bits has created Cupsouls, a short cartoon which transforms imposing bosses like Ornstein, Smouth, Quelaag, and more and reimagines them as Cuphead-style single-screen encounters. The animations are no slouch, either, and you can tell a lot of work wen into making sure both series got the proper respect they deserve in the video below. No, there’s no actual game on the way and no, that’s not going to stop us from wanting it.

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