‘Destiny 2’ Adds Voice Commands With New Alexa ‘Ghost Skill’

Credit: Activision

Now you can give your in-game Ghost voice commands via Alexa.

Activision, Bungie and Amazon have teamed up to bring Destiny 2’s Ghost into your home via Amazon devices and the Alexa app.

Voiced by Nolan North, this new ‘Ghost Skill’ allows players to talk directly to their in-game Ghost, allowing it to actually perform actions in the game for you. Here’s how it works:

The Destiny 2 Ghost Skill serves as a premier companion for Destiny 2 players, creating brand-new ways to interact with the game, players can say, “Alexa, ask Ghost to…” with a variety of utterances — from “…tell me which friends are online,” to asking “…what should I do next?” giving recommendations for what to play next based on players’ real-time current progress, to “…call for back up,” which offers an easy way to interact with friends in their clan to enhance the social experience of Destiny 2, to “… equip my Raid loadout,” equipping players’ favorite weapons and armor for a number of different gameplay activities, to learning more about the world and characters of Destiny 2 with a request like, “…tell me who are the Red Legion?”

This is actually kind of an amazing idea, though (as always) I wish there was a Dinklebot setting. It’s actually a cool enough idea that I finally bit the bullet and ordered an Amazon Echo Dot to try it out with. Why not? They’re $30 at Amazon right now, and this way I can talk to my Ghost (the app, like the game’s Ghost, is voiced by Nolan North) and ask Alexa to tell me jokes when I’m bored. I’ll give it a spin and report back on how well it works.

The app is free and available to start using right now. In a past era, this would have been something they’d try to do with the Kinect. That feels like the distant past now.

Alongside the new Ghost Skill, the companies are releasing a physical Ghost which you can pair with your Alexa device (pictured above.) This is a WiFi speaker that looks just like an in-game Ghost, but has none of the hovering and hacking capabilities. It’s also a limited edition which you can pre-order here, and launches on December 19th. Another good gift idea along with the newly-announced Super Mario Cereal.

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