Did Cowboys’ Thanksgiving Loss Distract Jerry Jones From The Only Real Dallas Challenge This Season?

Rob Tornoe

Rob Tornoe/Cartoon of the Day

It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when the only thing Dallas fans have to look forward to is Cowboys owner Jerry Jones going crazy old man on Roger Goodell.

If you haven’t been keeping up, Jones wants to disband the Compensation Committee, which is currently comprised of six NFL owners who have power over Goodell’s pay. Jones, who is attempting to derail Goodell’s lucrative contract extension, thinks all 32 teams should be able to decide what the NFL commissioner’s compensation is.

“All owners should be holding the Commissioner accountable in my view,” Jones said on Dallas sports talk radio on Monday. “That’s the gist of this thing.”

Unfortunately for Jones, other NFL owners have been publicly embarrassed by his reckless behavior and have denied his request for a vote. Falcons owner Arthur Blank pointed out that back in May, all 32 owners (including Jones) voted unanimously to give the committee complete authority to negotiate Goodell’s contract extension.

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And how much are we talking? According to league sources, Goodell stands to earn $200 million over the next five years (or $40 million a year) if he hits all his incentives.

And yet, Jones’ crazy actions (including using Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter in his proxy war with Goodell) have managed to alienate him from his fellow owners (who do you think is leaking all the negative items about Jones to reporters?)

So more and more, this is simply looking like a fight over the suspension of star Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott (especially since Jones was fine with the NFL’s process when the league was gunning for Tom Brady). From what we know about the NFL’s investigation, I agree with Jones that Elliott shouldn’t have been suspended, but that doesn’t give him carte blanche to act like a jilted lover and lead a campaign of revenge against the NFL commission. If anyone, Jones has managed to make Goodell the sympathetic figure in this fight.

On top of that, Jones’ actions are certainly a distraction for the Cowboys, who were crushed by the Philadelphia Eagles 37-9 on Sunday Night Football. What started off as a promising season for the Cowboys has quickly devolved into a 5-5 season, threatening the job of head coach Jason Garrett if the team doesn’t end up in the playoffs.

The misery for Dallas fans doesn’t end with the Cowboys. In the NBA, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban may be entertaining a campaign for president in 2020, but his team is floundering, sporting the worst record in the Western Conference at 3-15. The team still can’t figure out what to do with former Philadelphia 76ers prospect Nerlens Noel, which is appropriate since many claim the Mavericks are following the Sixers’ example by tanking this season. The thing is, the team is so bad, they don’t really have to try hard to loose.

How does this end for Dallas fans this season? In a word, badly. But at least Jones can do his best Maximus Decimus Meridius impersonation and turn to the millions of Cowboys fans across the country and ask, “Are you not entertained?” –  Rob Tornoe.

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