‘EA Sports UFC 3’: 7 Gameplay Videos That Show Off The Best Of The Beta

The feedback EA is receiving on the EA Sports UFC 3 beta has been very positive.

Credit: Brian Mazique

EA UFC 3 Beta

Obviously, you’ll have some who express disappointment, but most of what you see on social media has been encouraging for the development team. I’ve played a ton of matches in the game and I love the stand-up action. It’s not a stretch to call it the best fighting engine in the history of combat sports games.

In fact, it’s so good, non-sports games could stand to adopt a few things from this action-based but strategic system. In taking a look online, I picked a few of the clips circulating abroad that display some of the most exciting and ingenious inclusions in this year’s gameplay system.


Plenty of wrestling, MMA and boxing games have allowed you to attack an opponent while they were taunting, but I’ve never seen one that let you make them pay for their arrogance quite like this.

It starts at the 8-second mark of the video from Monster Shark Gaming:

Everyone who plays against someone who taunts wants to make them pay with a heavy strike. It’s funny, but a pretty realistic possibility.


If you’re a fan of MMA or Nate Diaz, you remember when he did this to Kurt Pellegrino:

It was one of Diaz’s signature moments as a fighter and personality in the Octagon. Look at what you can do in EA Sports UFC 3. Watch Sheehy83 finish Paul Felder in classic Diaz fashion:

This level of detail is sure to resonate with fans and it’s a nice touch and nod to the developer’s knowledge of the sport.


At first glance at the video below, you might not realize the point of the footage. In some fighting games, the engine actually rewards spamming the block button. There isn’t a big enough penalty for absorbing repeated shots on the arms.

In EA UFC 3, there’s a component called guard breakdown. Rapid-fire shots against the same block command will register an increasing amount of damage as you can see from the video embedded in the tweet from BandofGypsys91:


I’ve always wanted to see one-strike KOs in combat sports games, but it seems as if developers have been reluctant to include this feature until now. In real MMA, all it takes is one shot to end a fight and if timed correctly with the right angle, you can achieve the same outcome in EA UFC 3.

Take a look at this finish from MMA Game. The real action starts at the 40-second mark.


There are multiple ways to initiate a submission and EA UFC 3 has a few of them. The best one I’ve seen early on comes from YouTuber Dman. Look at what he does with Tony Ferguson:

If you’re familiar with El Cucuy, you know this kind of takedown is commonplace for the interim lightweight champion. I haven’t gotten my submission game up to par just yet, but it’s good to see some gamers developing their skills to a point where they’re able to submit an opponent this quickly.


Double KOs are one of the rarest things you’ll see in sports. As long as this doesn’t happen too often, it’ll make the occurences more memorable in video games as well. Look at this double finish from ShaneofMac:

I’m not sure why Barboza was declared the winner, but the collision detection and physics in the sequence are on point.


Slam knockouts happen in MMA. I’ve seen a good number of them over the years. It’s good to see that they are possible in EA UFC 3.

Khabib Nurmagomedov is an animal on the ground and as a takedown artist. Those skills are accurately depicted here in the video from Apex Gamer:

I’m not sure those types of takedowns would ever generate enough power to render an opponent unconscious, but it’s nice to see the concept in the game. Perhaps a tweak that only allows higher-impact slams to achieve that result might be in order.

In any case, the gameplay in EA UFC 3 is addictive, and this is just the beta. EA may have another hit on its hands with this one.

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