‘EA Sports UFC 3’: New Ultimate Team Details Revealed

On Friday, EA Sports released new information on the Ultimate Team mode within the upcoming EA Sports UFC 3.

Credit: EA Sports

New Ultimate Team news.

Finally, the mode will include real fighters and not just your created warriors. Licensed fighters like Conor McGregor, Demetrious Johnson, and Joanna Jedrzejczyk can be mixed into your Ultimate Team along with created fighters. The licensed fighters will be available in packs and they can also be acquired as rewards for completing UUT challenges.

A few years back, I gave EA feedback on the UFC version of UT and I mentioned how the mode was difficult to connect to without real fighters. Hopefully, there will also be multiple versions of fighters available in the future. It would be especially impacting to have fighter cards generated after stellar performances in real-life events.

For example, a UFC 217 version of TJ Dillashaw, Rose Namajunas, and Georges St-Pierre would be in order.

The customization has been streamlined. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean we have fewer options when creating fighters. EA UFC 2 had one of the best CAF suites around and it would be a shame to see any of those options taken out of the player’s hands.

Credit: EA Sports

EA UFC Ultimate Team menu

According to the blog, there will be no weight restrictions and the new suite allows you to add moves, perks and boosts easier.

Solo challenges are key for any collectible mode. EA UFC 3 will unveil a new structure for the series with dynamically updated and scenario-based single-player challenges. UUT is also delivering what is said to be a massive seasonal campaign calendar that boasts weekly programs and fight-centered content.

Credit: EA Sports

New sets will be introduced with higher-tiered cards, exchange tokens and tradeables that will allow you to build new cards from parts ala the weapon-crafting feature in The Evil Within 2. It’s obviously a little different because we’re talking separate genres, but the collection of materials concept is similar.

Fighters in UT will receive boosts in four areas: striking, grappling, stamina and health. This seems like another effort to streamline the process. It’s all about design, so while this sounds promising, we’ll have to see how it all flows together to know whether this area of the game will be more relevant than it has been in the past. Check out my EA UFC 3 tracker to catch up with all of the latest information on the upcoming game.

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