EA Temporarily Backs Away From Virtual Currency In Star Wars: Battlefront II

EA has removed buyable crystals from Star Wars: Battlefront II after a sustained and heated backlash against the system took over social media and, more importantly, mainstream attention by large media outlets.

The game no longer supports buyable crystals, the game’s virtual currency which unlocks heroes and lootboxes in the game. What this means is that the game is no longer pay-to-win as players can not just purchase crystals to get stronger heroes and crate rewards faster. This also means they are only able to be earned through in-game grinding.

It solves part of the problem, but if the rest of the game remains as it has been, then it does not solve every issue people are complaining about.

In the blog post announcing the change, DICE general manager Oskar Gabrielson said that they would turn buyable crystals on once they have figured out a solution to make players happy. 

You can find the official announcement below. Rumors arose about the change as the result of an EA conference call earlier today, but has just been confirmed by EA and DICE.

[Source: Battlefront Blog]

Our Take
I can’t imagine Disney was happy about the mainstream news articles suggesting they were introducing gambling into the family-friendly Star Wars. While this is a good first step, if EA is assuming this is the only problem, they are going to be disappointed by the reaction to this move. The fact that they say it will be turned back on makes me think they just need to calm people down for the game to get its Christmas and movie sales in first.

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