I feel stuck

I feel stuck

in a (day) job I can’t afford to quit.  I really like my job for reasons I cannot reveal just in case a co-worker reads this.  The simple answer is, my job is easy.  Way to easy.  I have become overqualified for the job I do.  It’s not that I cannot learn to be better it’s that I don’t want to become better. I feel stuck and hate making money for other people while I do “all” the work.  (All the work??  LOL I draw while others sell.)

Who am I?  I AM THE  Advertising Manager. **the drums… BOOM BOOM BOOM***  I wasn’t always the Manager, in fact, I am the only one who calls me a Manager.  See, I am the only one who does the advertising, so naturally, I am the Manager.  I started my job with a lie.  I told my bosses that I could replace the old advertising person, when in fact I had no Idea what to do.  I knew that I could learn though and the other guy was moving up in the company leaving the position open.

YouTube saved my job.  Without knowing the first thing to designing advertisements I took to YouTube and watched hours upon hours of videos teaching me Graphic Design.  I learned just enough to keep my bosses happy.  In fact, I kept them very happy, I save them on average $15,000 a year or more.  I am not very good at math so we’ll keep it at $15,000.

After I thought I had learned enough, I started my own after-hours Graphic Design company.  I landed a few jobs and one big job that paid about a 3rd of what I could have made.  I realized this after I finished the 56-page event guide.  The next year when the job came up I asked for the full amount and was shot down.  One hit wonder.  But I have a lot of event guides to show off.  So what did I do?

I feel stuck crappy design
Crappy “I feel stuck” Design. But images help SEO.

I quit.  That’s right I let my Graphic Design business fail on purpose.  I stopped looking for new clients and told current clients that “this” design would be their last.  I still do small designs for family and friends.  Friends? I mean acquaintances.  I don’t have friends but that’s a topic for another day.

My Graphic Design failure is added to a long list of failed business attempts.  And now that I don’t like being a Graphic Designer, I am letting my bosses down.  I could do so much more for them,… But I don’t.  Which brings us back to the title.

I feel stuck.  I show up for work and do the many tasks that have become easy for me.  No challenge. No growth. No excitement.  No anything.

****This isn’t the end of the story.  It’s only the beginning.  Yes, I do feel stuck but as my situation unravels it will hopefully become clear as to what is about to happen.  Keep reading PD’s Blog***

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