Gwent Single-Player Campaign, Full Release Pushed To 2018

Players eager to dive back into the world of The Witcher, but in card form will have to wait a while longer, as the CD Projekt Red has decided to push the game’s full release into 2018.

Originally, the game was to leave open beta (where it currently sits) over the holidays and include the full single-player campaign, Thronebreaker, the first of several expansions. However, CD Projekt Red co-founder Marcin Iwiński stated on the company’s website that they’ve decided to delay the full release in order to expand the scope of the campaign. “Shifting release windows is always something we approach seriously,” he said. “However, we’ll never hesitate to do it if we feel you’ll get a better game as a result.”

In order to ramp up for the release, the team plans to unload more multiplayer balance changes and updates before then to accommodate new players. “We want you to have more fun playing, but we also want to welcome new gamers into an already rolling multiplayer ecosystem,” Iwiński said.

Our Take
I’ve been waiting until the single-player campaign releases to dive into Gwent, but I’m okay with the delay if it means we get a meatier offering out of the gate.

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