How to build a house – Ocean Is Home

Ocean is home How to build a House PDG

This video is How to Build a House in the Android game, Ocean Is Home v3.1.1.0.  Building a house has stayed consistent with all the updates, but the information within this video may change with any game update.

To build a house you will need to harvest a lot of wood and turn that wood into Wood Planks.  Then you can craft foundations, walls, and roofs.

Try to live the life of a man who has got on a desert island …
You’ll have to look for food, build a house, collecting and crafting things necessary for life. Your only goal – to survive!
Ocean Is Home is:
– Full freedom, explore the huge island ;
– Build your own house;
– Craft items and weapons to hunt and survive on the island;
– Advanced system of player skills;
– Different kinds of transport.

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