I Hurt Myself

Going to try and do a personal blog.  Yes, I am a real person. lol

So the title of this post is “I hurt myself”.  It’s rather embarrassing and has a spoiler attached.  I’ll warn you about the spoiler part.

Guess what,  the next paragraph has the spoiler in it.  You see the 2 large spaces below? That’s the spoiler.  Highlight the space to see the Spoiler.

So I was watching Solo the new Star Wars movie and got a little excited when Darth Maul showed up on the screen.  See I really liked Darth Maul and was saddened to see him die in an earlier movie.  When he did show up I got excited like I said and “pumped my arms” fully extending them.  I must have overextended my right arm because my right back muscles hurt around my shoulder blades.   If I sit in one spot for an extended amount of time I feel really good, but as soon as I move,…  PAIN!!!!  Not the “ouch” pain and definitely not the OMG I’m dying pain.  It’s more like needles pain and stiffness.  I can’t turn my head or even look around without pain.

Before you get all Big Sister or Big Brother on me, YES I did go to the Doctor.  The doctor said to stretch it out.   If it’s not better in a week then come back.  What the hell man, I hurt myself.  Whatever happened to muscle relaxers?  People abusing the system has caused the rest of us to suffer through the pain.  Oh well.   ***Long pause to stretch***

Enough complaining about me.  I can’t wait to get home and Play Conan Exiles. (link opens a new tab to my YouTube Channel) I have to record some extra footage for the next video.  It would have been done but I missed some key parts.

Kinda new to the Blogging so stick around and see if I improve or give up.  Thanks For Reading.

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