Last Night’s ‘Walking Dead’ Reminds Us That The Scavengers Are Trash

Credit: AMC

Sabrina Gennarino as Tamiel, Thomas Francis Murphy as Brion, Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead didn’t bother me as much as many others this season. It wasn’t a great episode by any means, but it wasn’t terrible. Mostly.

There was one scene that was truly, incomprehensibly awful. Naturally, it involved Jadis, her terrible hair, and the Trash People.

For reasons we cannot explain, Rick decides to pay a visit to the Trash People despite the fact that they betrayed him and the other resistance fighters at the end of Season 7, in a double-cross that would have been really cool if the Trash People actually acted like real human beings and not….whatever it is they are.

So Rick goes to see if they’ll join him again, all by himself, and gets himself captured. Now, I’m sure this is part of some larger plan. But it’s still enormously stupid of Rick. What’s to stop Jadis from just killing him? Who’s to say that Rick’s people will have the power to free him? Why risk that in the first place when things are going pretty well in the war against Negan (minus Ezekiel’s galling losses)?

None of it makes sense. And now we have to endure the show’s most inexplicably ridiculous community all over again.

There’s really no excuse for the Trash People. At least with Negan and Ezekiel and the tiger AMC was basing everything off the source material. That’s no excuse for how poor the adaptation has been, but at least we can find solace in the fact that these outlandish figures (and pets) are from the comics.

Not so with the Trash People. These are made-up-for-TV additions to the sprawling tangle of isolated communities. Somehow, the show’s writers and producers decided it would be a good idea to have a whole community of people who talk and act like they’re from another planet, or from a Mad Max far-future dystopia rather than two to three years into the zombie apocalypse. There’s no explanation or justification for them to act or speak this way. It’s painful to watch.

It’s even more painful to watch when Rick is putting himself in danger in an apparent attempt to lure them back to the good guy’s team. Why should either side trust the other? Jadis has no reason to think Rick isn’t trying to pull one over on her, and Rick would have no reason to ever trust her again. It’s monumentally stupid, and a good reminder of just how sloppy this show has become.

The sooner the Trash People are killed off, the better. I have heard a theory that somehow they’ll morph into a group of bad guys from the comics known as the Whisperers, and that Jadis is secretly that group’s leader, Alpha (hence the “A” she draws on the shipping container Rick is locked in.) I’m not sure I buy that. Or maybe I just really hope that’s not the case, as I can’t imagine Jadis as the primary antagonist of the next couple seasons. What a horrible thought!

It’s also possible that the “A” means the same thing as the one on Daryl’s shirt when he was a prisoner. Apparently all that meant was that Daryl was an *a******” though, so it’s a little weird Jadis would write the same thing.

Whatever the implications of this cryptic scrawling may be, I just hope the Scavengers/Trash People/Garbage Pail Kids won’t be around for the long haul. They strain all plausibility in a show that’s already jumped the shark a few too many times.

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