Making a Monster in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

Full spoilers for Wolfenstein 2 ahead.

Wolfenstein’s Frau Engel is one of the most startlingly terrifying onscreen characters in recent memory, murdering and maiming with unabashed sexual aggression and a freewheeling god complex. If the alt-right hate Wolfenstein 2 for being mean to Nazis, they surely despise Engel, a Nazi general so blatantly evil that chopping off the head of protagonist BJ Blazkowicz feels like an act of mercy.

She is a character built by many, but much of her realization can be attributed to Nina Franoszek, the charismatic and eloquent Berlin-born actress who has played her since 2011’s Wolfenstein: A New Order. Franoszek’s performance is a marvel; all chaotic laughs and sudden changes in mood, a Jekyll and Hyde performance where there’s only Evil and More Evil.

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