Meeting Trader Bob | 7 Days to Die Gameplay PS4 patch 11 v1.16 | S02EP03

In this video of 7 Days to Die on the PS4 we finally get to experience the Trader. Bob the trader is really nice and has a lot of items for sale. I was hoping to build a mini base just outside the Trader, but we’re not allowed to. So I find a house that’s close.

Welcome to 7 Days to Die, Patch 11 for the PS4 bringing the version up to 1.16 and new blocks, new terrain, and finally the consoles have the trader.
In this second season, Puddle Duck Gaming will be exploring the entire map. So far that is the only rule. I plan on only using small bases and crafting stone tools. Right now I am only interested in exploring and surviving. Who knows what the future holds?

If you see that I missed something please comment and let me know.

Season 2 Details:
Patch 11 Version 1.16 on PS4
Navezgane Map
Game Difficulty: Warrior
Zombies Run: Default
Enemy Aggression: Normal
Daylight Length: 16 Hours

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