PUBG Adding More Loot Boxes, But They Won’t Impact Gameplay

Also during the event, Kim and Choi talked about the efforts underway to combat cheating in PUBG. They started off by apologizing for “the inconvenience caused by the cheaters,” going on to admit that Bluehole “has not been well prepared to deal with this issue,” in part because of the game’s Early Access state.

“The number of different cheats we have encountered has far surpassed our expectations,” they said. “We are aggressively addressing this issue as it is our top priority. There is a new team dedicated to this task, which has already demonstrated great results through tighter and improved policies as well as around-the-clock monitoring.”

The developers added that it is an “endless fight” to combat cheating in PUBG, so you can expect the studio to continue addressing the issue over time.

Additionally, Kim and Choi addressed the community’s requests for a tutorial mode or shooting range in PUBG to help with the onboarding experience. They were initially against the idea because they thought, “There is no practice in life!” But they have since changed their minds and confirmed that Bluehole will start thinking of a plan for a tutorial mode, but not until after the 1.0 release later this month.

In other news, the first live gameplay demonstration for PUBG’s new desert map will happen during The Game Awards this Thursday, December 7. This map will also come with a new vehicle–this rad-looking truck. PUBG is expected to leave Early Access on PC by the end of the year, while the Xbox One edition will launch through the Game Preview program on December 12.

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