Reader Discussion – What Is Your All-Time Favorite Mod For A Game?

Mods. They make games better! They can make them look prettier, fix issues the game may have, or even add new game modes. But what is your favorite mode you’ve used on a game?

The picture above might make you think I’ll point to Dota 2 (the lineage of which goes back to a mod for WarCraft III), but my favorite mod is actually for Dota 2. Years ago, Dota 2 was a deeply customizable game. Launch options like “enable_addons” and “override_vpk” let players tinker around with various aspects of the game. The best mod was the NBA Jam announcer mod, which modified the game’s lines for kills streaks, double kills, and more with to have Tim Kitzrow say things like “He’s heating up!” and “When you get dunked on like that, you really oughtta consider retirement,” in place of the default reads, many of which were lifted from Unreal tournament and frankly sound kind of lame. Tim Kitzrow made Dota 2 a much better game.

Eventually, the “override_vpk” was used as a backdoor to hack the game in ways Valve didn’t want players doing, so it disabled the option. Later, “enable_addons” was also modified to prevent things like the NBA Jam announcer mod from working. Although Dota 2 is still one of my favorite games of all time, I still occasionally feel the absence of this incredible mod.

So what are your favorite mods? Can’t play Skyrim without a particular texture facelift? Were you a fan of StarCraft’s various Tower Defense mods? Want to give a shoutout to DSFix, perhaps the most necessary mod of all time? Let us know in the comments.

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