Red Dead-Like PC MMO Enters Early Access Today

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Even more content will be added to Wild West Online over time as it approaches its full release later this year, including new public events and more. You can get into Wild West Online today by picking up the Townie ($35), Collector ($94), or Pioneer ($59) bundles through the game’s website.

Based on your decisions and actions, you become a law-enforcer, outlaw, or pioneer in the Western Frontier. The game incorporates PvP combat and PvE game missions with world exploration, resource gathering, and treasure hunts.

Wild West Online was originally bound for Kickstarter and Steam Early Access, but secured enough funding from private investors to skip that step and go right into development. The target for its full launch is this December. The game is being developed by a new studio, 612 Games, whose staff worked on games like Crysis and League of Legends.

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