Looking for Mia – Resident Evil 7 Gameplay

Resident Evil 7 Mia is foundResident Evil 7 – We find Mia

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After receiving a message from our wife, Mia we head into the woods looking for her. We come upon a sweet looking house but the gate is locked.

The first thing we find is the Sewer Gators van, which is the film crew from the Demo that was released.

We know we are on the right path because we find something that belongs to Mia. Then we enter the same house as the Demo and gameplay begins.

Upon entering the house we begin to look around for anything that helps us find our wife, Mia. In a dungeon cell we find Mia and she isn’t happy that we are here to “save” her. Following Mia we begin our escape.

Resident Evil 7 Bad Mia

Finally, we get to head upstairs into the main house and we find out what Mia really is, but she is disturbed and we still need to save her. Except using an Axe we defend ourself at Mia’s expense.

The story follows Ethan Winters as he searches for his wife Mia, which leads him to a derelict plantation inhabited by the Baker family. Ethan makes use of weapons and tools in the fight against the Baker family and creatures known as the “Molded”. Healing herbs are used in the event of injury and there are puzzles that may be solved to further the story. Instead of being action-oriented, the survival horror element present in earlier installments took priority.