The Best Cyber Monday Deals On PS4 And PS4 Pro

Credit: Sony

the PS4 Pro on the right, next to the PS4 Slim.

If you missed your chance to pick up a Sony PlayStation 4 this Black Friday,  don’t worry: both Sony and the general world of electronics retail are very much still interested in you buying a PlayStation 4. Sony’s machine is the champion of the current generation, boasting a massive install base, large online community and a deep library of excellent games both exclusive and otherwise. It’s also a straightforward, simple console that’s been through many improvements since it launched. Things are leaner if you’re looking for deals on a machine this Cyber Monday than they were on Black Friday, but you’ve still got some good options.

The standard deal here was $199.99 for a 1 TB PS4, now in a slightly slimmer form factor than what we saw at launch. That standard deal doesn’t get you any games, but the 1 TB hard drive should give you plenty of room to grab some discounted titles on PSN so long as you can get the thing set up and downloading before Cyber Monday expires. It’s sold out at a number of retailers, but you can find it at Best Buy. Availability here is for online sales: check with your local retailer to see if they still have cheap consoles in-person, as well.

Target also has that deal, but an extra 15% off sitewide brings the price down even further. If you’re looking for a no-frills console, this is your best bet. Target is also a good option for both games and bundles, however, because that 15% is applied towards all sorts of different items. Be careful with bundles, however: many use a higher PS4 price as their base, and so the total price might be less than buying the $199.99 console and the game separately.

As far as the PS4 Pro goes, a $50 discount tp $349.99 is about as good as you can expect to do, and you can get in no hassle from Amazon or from GameStop. The PS4 Pro may not be quite as beefy as its Microsoft counterpart, but it’s still a capable machine that will have your PS4 games looking a bit sharper if you’ve got a 4K TV. I can’t give it a sterling recommendation, but if you feel like spending a bit of extra money, you’ll get a bit of extra power along with it. The price is unlikely to go any lower for a while.

It’s also a good time to pick up a PlayStation VR headset if that’s what you’re into.You can get the headset itself for $199.99 at places like GameStop and Walmart but you’ll probably want a bundle unless you’ve got some Move Controllers and a PlayStation Camera sitting around. The bundles you’ll want include a game like Skyrim or Until Dawn in addition to the Move Controllers and CAmera for $349.99. You can get those bundles at GameStop and Walmart as well as Target and Best Buy. There are also some Gran Turismo Sport bundles without the Move Controllers for $299.99.

And that’s about what we’re working with: be sure to check PSN and other stores for deals on exclusive games, as well. It was a good Black Friday for Sony, and that’s why stock is a little more limited come Cyber Monday. It’s still a good time to buy a PS4.

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