The Best Cyber Monday Deals On Xbox One S And Xbox One X

Credit: Microsoft.

Xbox One X and Xbox One S.

It’s Cyber Monday time, and like Black Friday, it’s a great time to pick up some new video game hardware. The Xbox One S is down to its lowest price ever, and you get a great piece of gaming hardware for what you pay for: a console that’s been through one major hardware iteration and a number of software iterations, arriving at a spot where it’s an easy recommendation for anyone that hasn’t made the plunge into the current generation yet. The Xbox One S is a capable machine with a ton of great games, and you can get some solid discounts on it today.

Things are more or less the same as they were on Black Friday, with some changes. The standard deal still holds: we’ve got a 500 GB Xbox One 2 for $189.99, and you still shouldn’t be paying any more than that for the console. You can find that basic price at GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart and others. There are some ways to get a bit more for your money.

Target is offering 15% on a range of deals, however, and that applies to both the basic Xbox One S and all its bundles. It isn’t as good a savings as some of the cash back deals we saw on Black Friday, but it’s still the best raw price I can find for the Xbox One S right now. There are also plenty of options for bundled games, so I’d recommend checking out the page.

The Microsoft Store, appropriately enough, is going to be your other best bet. There we’ve got the Xbox One S for $189.99 with 1-month of Xbox Game Pass and a free game, representing a slight edge on the sites just offering the console. It’s also taking $50 off other bundles and throwing in both the free game and the month of Xbox Game Pass. Your choices on the free game aren’t great, but The Division is on there and The Division really isn’t so bad. Xoox Game Pass is a great service that gives you access to a large library of games, however, and I’d wholly recommend it for someone looking to quickly build out a collection.

And if you’re into Assassin’s Creed, eBay has an Xbox One S with the just-released Assassin’s Creed Origins for $189.99. It comes highly recommended.

Dell also has a bundle with Battlefield 1, Forza Motorsports 7 and Forza Horizon 3 for $229.99.

Xbox One X is brand new hardware, so there aren’t nearly so many discounts as there are for the S. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any at all, however. We’ve got the console plus Call of Duty: WW2 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 for $549.99 at eBay, representing one game’s worth of savings. A word of caution, however: Star Wars Battlefront 2 is not a fun game.

From an accessory perspective, controllers are back up to full price at most retailers. This one at Walmart is still down at $39.99, if it’s your style. I’d avoid picking one up unless you need it right now, because they do tend to go on sale with some regularity.

It’s easy shopping, overall. If you want an Xbox One, you can go ahead and get it at a good price, and not be too worried that it might be cheaper elsewhere.

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