The Keyblade From ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Is Getting An Amazing Proplica Toy In April

Credit: Bandai

The upcoming Proplica Keyblade from the ‘Kingdom Hearts’ series.

The iconic Keyblade from the Kingdom Hearts games will get a full-scale Proplica toy courtesy of Bandai in April of next year.

Specifically, this Keyblade set is being called the “Kingdom Chain”, as it uses the Kingdom Key and Keychain.

The Keyblade is wielded by Sora in the Kingdom Hearts games and is probably one of the most widely recognized items from the series.

Bandai already released a lovely S.H. Figuarts figure of Sora from Kingdom Hearts II earlier this month, with more Disney related characters from the games on the way. So the addition of the Keyblade, especially in this much bigger Proplica format, is really quite amazing.

To explain a bit about the Proplica range, this is a spin-off from Bandai’s Tamashii Nations collector’s brand and recreates famous props from anime, games and other live action series often with full of lights, sounds and other gimmicks.

This Keyblade is no exception, as it comes packed with lights and other sound effects (shown below).

Despite the fact that this Keyblade toy is a high-end collector’s item and at full-scale no less, the price point is surprisingly reasonable.

Coming in at 19,980 yen (or around $180) this is a lot less than other and much smaller items that Bandai has on sale currently.

Released next April, it will no doubt tie-in with the release of Kingdom Hearts III once that is finally released sometime next year.

While I fully expect Bandai to bring this Proplica Keyblade out in the West, you will also be able to pre-order it from places such as HobbyLink Japan at some point soon.

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