‘The Walking Dead’ Will Reveal Its ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Crossover Character Tonight

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The Walking Dead does not take post-Thanksgiving weekend off, but it seems like Talking Dead may actually be the show to watch tonight.

AMC has promised that Talking Dead will reveal the character who will be making the jump from the Walking Dead universe to Fear the Walking Dead, or vice-versa. All we know for sure right now is that one character will appear on the other show for some length of time, but we don’t know who, or which show is getting the guest star.

Revealing the crossover now could indicate that The Walking Dead is the show getting the character, given that it’s the one currently airing, and perhaps the cameo is going to be in the 2018 half of season 8. That would require some…plot acrobatics, however, because Fear the Walking Dead is currently in a timeline at least a few years behind the present day of The Walking Dead.

If someone like Strand or Daniel or Nick showed up in The Walking Dead, it would have to be essentially a mystery leap as to how they got there, and Fear the Walking Dead would have to end up being centered around getting that character to The Walking Dead for the next few years. This is precisely why I think that idea is too complicated, and that the simplest explanation is the right one.

It’s Abraham, it has to be Abraham.


The Walking Dead

From the day the crossover was announced, Abraham actor Michael Cudlitz seemed overly excited about it on social media, and he has not shaved his trademark “Abraham stache” since he was killed off The Walking Dead at the beginning of season 7.

Furthermore, even with the reveal tonight, the timeline makes sense because Fear the Walking Dead is about to start filming its next season, and the show probably doesn’t want to hide its guest star under a tarp for six months, so just coming out and unveiling him outright ahead of time is probably the right move.

The Abraham crossover is essentially all but confirmed at this point. Word has it that Fear the Walking Dead is moving filming to Houston, a city mentioned in the finale of the show this year. Houston is where Abraham is from before he started his journey east, and it seems likely that Fear the Walking Dead will catch him before he leaves, either before or after his family is killed.

Given that Rosita and Eugene also came from out west with Abraham, it seems possible that they have the potential to show up as well, but both of those characters are still actively filming The Walking Dead while Cudlitz’s Abraham, obviously, is not, being dead and all.


The Walking Dead

I really just don’t see a way it isn’t Abraham at this point. Everything points to him being the crossover, and the reveal tonight almost seems like its acknowledging that it’s a foregone conclusion and it would be pointless to try and hold that surprise for another six months until Fear the Walking Dead returns. Anyone else would be a total shock to me, given all the clues so far.

If it is Abraham, it’s anyone’s guess how long he’ll show up for. My thought would be at least a half-season arc. Anything less than that after all this hype and build-up would be a letdown. Obviously, we know where his story takes him, so he can’t be around forever, but I definitely hope he’s there for more than just an episode or two.

My ultimate dream is that someday, a few years from now, Madison, Alicia, Nick and whatever group they’ve amassed comes crashing into Rick’s group on the east coast, either as new allies, or possibly even enemies. I hope that Fear the Walking Dead doesn’t end, but rather merges with The Walking Dead as its grand finale, and at least some of its characters will live on there.

I mean, they’re moving in the right direction.

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