Warframe Harmony Ribbon

Warframe Cancer quote

September 2017 Warframe introduced an item to the Warframe community that tells a story.

Cancer awarness Harmony Ribbon

A wearable orange ribbon – signifying Leukemia / Cancer awareness month – will be given to all players with the option to equip it and show support in game.

When a video game shows its support for members of it’s community, you know that game is amazing.  I have heard of this kind of thing before but this is the first time I have been part of it.

Warframe Cancer quote
Cancer may have started the fight but Shelley will FINISH it.

I wear my ribbon for my good friend and Sister, Shelley.  While she doesn’t have Leukemia she is battling Cancer.  As I write this post her and her husband are on there way to a Cancer Research Facility In Texas.  My thoughs and love are always with her.

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