Warframe by Water fall Mag

What Game Should I Play Between AAA Games?

I begin my quest on my Playstation 4 looking for a “filler” game to play.   I looked under the Free-to-Play tab expecting to find crap games.  After watching quite a few YouTube videos on various games I finally came across Warframe.

some warframes

At first glance I liked the graphics.  The video I watched made the game look fun, so I downloaded it.  Figured I would give it a try myself.

tenno wake up warframe


This game is FREE?  After a few hours behind my controller I am amazed that this is a free game.  So I started doing some research into the game and found that you could “pay to speed up your progress”.

Warframe by Water fall Mag

If you are looking for a great game that is “Free” then I highly recommend looking into Warframe.  Check this page out for more information.


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