Xbox One, PS4: Black Friday Deals On Video Game Consoles

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If someone has a video game console on their holiday wish list this year, or you fancy upgrading your own console, Black Friday is your opportunity to get an awesome deal. If you shop around, you can get up to $100 off an Xbox One S, PS4 or PS4 VR.  

Here are the best Black Friday deals on the hottest video game consoles.

Xbox One S 500GB Console

The Xbox One S is generally thought of as the default Xbox One these days. A smaller, slimmer, sleeker machine than its predecessor, it has slightly faster processing power, HDR capability and 4K output for Blu-Ray films. The Xbox One S is a great choice if you already own a lot of Xbox games; even some Xbox 360 titles will play on the Xbox One S.

The best Black Friday Xbox One S deal comes from the official Xbox store: get the Xbox One S 500GB Console + Free Game and 1-Month Game Pass for $189, saving $60.

Other great deals include Target’s Xbox One S 500GB Console + $25 Gift Card for $189.99 (saving $90) and Kohl’s Xbox One S 500GB Console + $45 Kohl’s Cash for $189.99 (saving $90).  

PS4 1TB Console

If you prefer Sony to Microsoft, you can get great deals on the PS4 1TB console this Black Friday. Basically, this model is the same as the PS4 Slim, but with double the built-in storage: 1TB instead of 500GB. If you’re new to video gaming, you might be swayed by the PS4’s larger games library and exclusive titles: it has over 1,600 titles (including 500 exclusives or console exclusives) compared to the Xbox One’s 1,300 titles (including 150 exclusives or console exclusives).

It’s predicted that the PS4 1TB will sell out quickly on Black Friday, so be prepared to move fast. You’ll find the best deals at BJ’s ($189.99), Costco ($189.99), Kohl’s ($199.99, includes $60 Kohl’s Cash), Target ($199.99), Walmart ($199.99) and BestBuy ($199.99).


There’s little to choose between the Xbox One S and the PS4 1TB — it really does come down to personal preference. But if you’re a serious gamer and want a completely immersive, virtual reality game experience, check out the incredible Black Friday deals on the PS4 VR. In particular, the Playstation 4 GranTurismo Sport VR Bundle is believed to be the cheapest Playstation VR bundle of all time.

Grab it while you can for $299 (saving $100) at Walmart. It will also be reduced to $299.99 at BestBuy and Newegg. Considering the bundle was only released this month, the $100 saving is definitely something to get excited about.  

Nintendo Switch

No roundup of video game consoles is complete without mentioning the Nintendo Switch. For families and younger gamers, this console (the replacement for the Wii U) is considered to be one of the best. It works both as a stationary console that plugs into the TV and a portable gaming device with two built-in controllers and a touchscreen and has parental controls to help kids regulate their use. It also has way more child-friendly and multiplayer games than the Xbox and the Playstation.

No Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals have been announced yet — and there might not be any, due to ongoing issues supply issues. But you should still look out for retailers adding games into Switch bundles to encourage you to buy.

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